About Stichting ATRIUM Claim

Stichting ATRIUM claim was founded in October 2014. A non profit foundation based on Dutch Law. 
The objects of the foundation are to represent the interests of investors in Meinl European Land Ltd. who invested between 2002 and 2007 and suffered damage. 

The objects of the foundation are to represent the interests of the investors, including but not limited to: 

a. ascertaining and researching the course of events leading up to and concerning the collection of capital by ATRIUM and the public trade of certificates of Atrium Real Estate Ltd. at the Vienna Stock Exchange during the years two thousand and two up to and including two thousand and seven; 

b. ascertaining and researching the financial consequences of the abovementioned for the investors, consisting inter alia of a flawed decision making process of the investors and a loss in equity for the investors due to a plunge in the stock exchange rate of the before mentioned certificates in connection with the belated disclosure of relevant capital market information; 

c. obtaining a declaration of liability by any applicable court that ATRIUM has breached any applicable laws and regulation including but not limited to financial market regulations and any of their obligations towards the investors arising from such legislation and that:  

    • ATRIUM failed to timely disclose information on instructing and financing continuous buy back of certificates, which simulated third party investors interest and was contrary to the stipulated investment in real estate; 
    • ATRIUM misrepresented the result of at least four capital increases during March two thousand and five up to and including February two thousand and seven; 
    • ATRIUM failed to duly inform the investors on a buyback program in July two thousand and seven which had already taken place in the precedent months; 
    • ATRIUM participated in the publication of misleading information on Atrium Real Estate Ltd.

    d. doing all that is connected therewith or may be conducive thereto, all to be interpreted in the broadest sense.